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The ultimate Customizable Motocross Vacation


Three Palms Mx offers a completely customizable Motocross Holiday in Southern California. Allowing you to control the length of your stay, the days you ride and where you go! Every booking is individual to you or your group, giving you complete control of your American dream trip.

Founder/Owner - Luc Santos


Luc Santos has been racing Motocross for the past 15 Years, and the past two years at the National Level. His desire to develop the ultimate Motocross Holiday comes with years of experience and understanding of the perfect ride day, and what is needed throughout your Holiday.  

European Ambassador - Rob Simpson


Rob Simpson has been part of Three Palms MX from the start. After meeting up with Luc while out on one of many MX trips across the pond, they identified the gap for bespoke America trips. Robs aim is to provide the European based support that you just don't get with other American vacation companies. Making your dream trip as easy as possible to plan and book. With vast experience of the MX holiday industry, Rob helps you create your California MX dream without the 'Package' feel, allowing the perfect mix of motocross dreamland and the best beaches, shopping and attractions the world has to offer! 

Customer Reviews


Daniel Cooper, Bedfordshire UK

"The Mx holiday I've always wanted, riding my favourite tracks on the days that I wanted, and on a brand new Husky 125. I had a brilliant time out in California with Luc, who was a great host and all round nice guy. Highly recommend this to anyone who wants the freedom to enjoy the Cali lifestyle whilst ripping up the best mx tracks in the world. I'll be heading over again soon for sure!"


Mark & Tony McCann , Northern Ireland

"Three Palms Mx Holidays was a great experience for the whole family. The location, Host and freedom could not be matched. Luc did a great job!"


Lily Moreland,

"Had the most amazing time out in California with three palms!! Went out with me and my boyfriend (both ride) we got to choose when we rode and where we rode on different days which fit in perfectly with what else we wanted to do!!! Great weather, great people, so much to see and do!! An amazing place! Definitely going back!!!" 



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